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ZIP in Czech (~ 750 kB) Install in Czech (~ 1.4 MB)
ZIP in English (~ 750 kB) Install in English (~ 1.4 MB)

List of All files (e.g. beta, source and older version)


ZIP All language pack (~ 80 kB)

Flag Language Help (~ 200kB) Translator
Czech myself
English myself
Finnish   Mauri Kankaanpää
French   Charles Martel
German   Karel Jakl
Greek   Peter J. Papadopoulos
Hungary   L. Toth
Italiano   Piero
Malay and Indonesia   Shann Dean
Romania Dragos
Slovak   Dušan Zubek
Swedish   Mikael Granholm
Turkish   Ali Sarioglu
Basque   Joseba Zubikarai
Brazilian Portuguese   Aracnus
Catalan   DIEHARD

How to change language:

Go to Menu and select Menu->File->Language->Import... and open your language localisation, e.g.: Czech.lng.
Or you can rename your
language.lng to default.lng .

For localisation of help, you must replace original help file cd_offline.chm by help file in your language.

How to translate to your language:

Localisation Change to language, which you know, go to Menu and select Menu->File->Language->Export... and save it as e.g.: new.lng, this is the text file, which you can edit example in Notepad and translate all characters in "text to translate" .
And after send me please translated file, I place translated file here.

Help Download html pages in ( ~ 200kB) , and after translation and picture replacing send please to me.
You can write new, better help too.