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Searching in:

  • curently opened archive and his current directory
  • all archives
  • selected archives
  • archives determined by subkategory in left window

Searching criteria:

File mask: using wild cards, where "*" are any chars and "?" one char.

Mask meaning


file with exact name "abc.txt"


all files ended by ".txt"


e.g.: doc_020.txt, doc_021.txt, doc_02A.txt, etc.


all files and directories


all files and directories with extension

Case sensitive for file mask, determine comaration of mask and items.

Size compare file size.

Notice, Description
compares text parts, which can be separated by space (wild cards not used). If you select OR, only one of text parts must be in finded items,
and if you select AND, all text parts must be in finded items.